Time Crossers
A science fiction book series about time travel and the multiverse.

A time traveler travels forwards or backwards in time. A time crosser jumps through parallel timelimes in the multiverse. What would you do if you could go back in time to a few days ago, and start all over again, making different and better informed decisions along the way?

This is the theme of the Time Crossers series. The first novel, The Final Six Days, takes you on a mind-bending adventure to a futuristic, alternate universe Las Vegas where a man with no memory confronts the startling news that a world-ending asteroid is going to crash in his very location in six days. As he attempts to discover who he is, he uncovers the inevitable truth that time itself is not what it seems.


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The Final Six Days  Book 1

No memory. No identity. Six days to live.

A man wakes up in the desert outside of Las Vegas on December 26th, sometime in the future, where everything around him feels strange and foreign. He soon learns that a civilization-busting asteroid is about to crash into Las Vegas in six days. After wandering aimlessly in the dystopian final days with Cassie, a young attractive woman who has a fetish for helping lost souls, they spend their final moments together before being incinerated by the crashing fireball. But instead of dying, he awakes in the same location as before, discovering that he is living the same six days over and over. With the help of a mysterious former NASA scientist, he formulates a plan to save himself and Cassie by taking shelter in one of the government's top secret underground survival installations. But along the way, he uncovers clues that suggest not all is what it seems, and through introspection, he wonders if he is meant for a greater purpose.

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Some Accolades

★★★★★ (Readers' Favorite 5 Star Seal)
This book draws you in and gets you interested in each of the characters and just what might happen next, whether they're able to save the world or not in The Final Six Days by Joe Agster. - Samantha Dewitt (Rivera), Readers' Favorite

★★★★★ An awesome read for anyone who is a fan of science fiction, time travel, and apocalyptic futures, and a few tablespoons of love mixed in. - Samantha, reader (Verified Purchase)

★★★★★ The Final Six Days for me was thrilling, captivating and addictive right from the start and I felt this from beginning to end. - Aimee Ann, Red Headed Book Lover Blog

The Paradox Guardian  Book 2

To save his world, he must cross through time.

(Warning: Possible spoilers if you have not read The Final Six Days)
Guardian Weston Hale has succeeded where everyone, including his own father, has failed. But while the post-asteroid timeline has now been opened up for exploration, he must confront the possibility that his utopian society is in danger. He is summoned to a secret meeting with the Great Council, a group of autonomous, highly-advanced machine-beings who have guided and protected their world for hundreds of years. They send him on a quest back through time to find the Singularity, a theoretical super-event that will unite humans, technology, and nature, and usher in an eternity of enlightenment on Earth.
But as he traverses the post-asteroid world searching for clues with the help of Cassie and Mason, he soon discovers a mysterious force sabotaging his efforts, causing him to question his own existence, as well as reality itself.

Coming in mid 2018.

Cassandra  Book 3

The fate of the world rests in her hands.

(Warning: Possible spoilers if you have not read The Final Six Days)
Cassandra Whittle has always been a quirky girl, a fun and adventurous geek as described by her friends. But beneath her bubbly demeanor exists a swell of angst and regret. The story follows her early years, then her rise in the post-asteroid world. Tensions mount as her relentless ambition collides with Weston's quest to save his world.

Coming in late 2018.

(Untitled)  Book 4

What is the Singularity?

We will all find out in this stunning, action-packed conclusion to the Time Crossers series.

Coming in 2019.


Hello, my name is Joe Agster, author of the Time Crossers series. Besides writing, I am a software engineer, husband and father of four, Christian, football and soccer coach, Cubs fan, avid hiker, wannabe bodybuilder, fantasy football guru, beer connoisseur, and cookie chef. I believe that love must be central to all that we do, and that as humans we may disagree, but we should have empathy and compassion for each other. These beliefs oftentimes bleed into my writing.

If you want to contact me for any reason whatsoever, please follow the series on Facebook, Medium, or Goodreads using the links below. You can also email me at joe@timecrossers.com.

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